Selvarius’s Journal 12/05/2017

As I write these lines, my compatriots and I rest quietly within the shelter of a structure straight out of legend. The place is an ancient ruin, a space which evidently functions as at once both a tomb and a gauntlet of trials for the uninitiated. It is a location that I read of once, an obscure hall previously thought no longer to exist, and yet here I sit scribbling away amidst its cold and long-lost corridors. Simply to be here, right now, is an experience of wonder. It seems a reaffirmation of all of my decisions to this point. The world is indeed a wondrous place, and it must be traversed to be known.

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Selvarius’s Journal 11/17/2017

Ah, what wonders and magic abound in our world! What sights to see! What knowledge to uncover! We stand now, poised to depart once more into a land of mythical ruins and ancient secrets, in search of a mysterious tome that is itself the very stuff of legends. Why, I can hardly contain myself. But let me not get too carried away. I must endeavor as always to record all things in their proper sequence, even if only briefly, lest this journal become no more than a collection of enthusiastic ravings.

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Selvarius’s Journal 10/17/2017

Ah, but the past few days have been a blur. Again, I find myself confronted with what seems an infinite shortage of hours in the day. I will endeavor, however, to touch upon some of the highlights of our recent journey, one that has, it seems, turned into more than we had originally bargained for. Yet for all that has changed, our current task remains constant: to care for these mysterious children until such time as we can turn them over into safe hands.

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Selvarius’s Journal 09/13/2017

My word, but there seems no time for anything these days. Should anyone ever speak doubtfully of the difficulty of traveling while caring for a group of 12 young boys and girls, I can now assure them from personal experience that they know nothing of what they speak. At the moment, I have only enough time to jot down in brief what our journey has been like so far, though perhaps I can go into more detail later.

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Selvarius’s Journal 09/12/2017

Well, looking back over the questions I had at the start of the day, I see now at its end that we are no closer to any answers. If anything, we seem only to have stumbled across more mysteries, and yet they are all so fascinating. Truly, I must strive to be steadfast in my chronicle here as I recount the events surrounding these new puzzles, for the slightest detail may perhaps prove to be of the greatest importance.

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Selvarius’s Journal 08/08/2017

Alas, it seems to take just as long to chronicle this series of events as it did to live through them! Indeed, the others have started to become impatient to move on as I continue to struggle to keep up a careful record of all that befell us underground. Yet however long it takes, this task I have set myself is a crucial one. These things must be written, they must be promulgated, and they must be remembered. I remain committed to these principles, and so I endeavor now to bring my account of that spectacular day to a close.

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Selvarius’s Journal 07/25/2017

It is distinctly odd, scribbling away now in the tranquility of the early morning, with the sun’s rays just barely cresting over the horizon, to think back to that desperate situation just the other day when all of us were deep underground, fighting for our lives. Indeed, the peace of this moment still carries with it an air of unreality after all the confusion we’ve come through, though I am of course grateful for it. Truly, in the moment when that troop of soldiers appeared, chaos seemed to have taken hold of the battlefield.

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